You've figured out who you are, what your plan is, and how to sell yourself—what's the next step? First, evaluate yourself based on what you've learned.
Exercise Two: The Relationship Inventory

Once you know what you're selling, who are you going to tell? In the case of Me, Inc., you're going to be spending your time and energy. You'll be advertising yourself to the people you pay attention to. Make the most of your limited time by spending it with people who can help you grow.

Exercise Three: Making It Happen
  • List three specific steps you would take to reach your goals.
  • Write yourself a letter detailing your plans, stash it away, and read it six weeks later.
  • Share your plan with a trusted friend and set a specific time each week to measure your progress.

Don't let yourself off the hook. If you're having trouble, figure out what's holding you back. Don't just dump the plan—revise it and recommit yourself. Soon you'll be on your way to working for the best company possible—Me, Inc.!

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