The next step involves thinking about what it means to invest in Me, Inc., and how to be your own CEO. Any CEO needs the following:
  • A vision for the business
  • Financial skills
  • A marketing plan
  • The ability to manage and motivate others
Work on these skills, concentrating on the next 18 months to three years. Ronna says that it's easy to become overwhelmed and give up if you go beyond that time frame.

Develop a Vision
Use these exercises to help you begin to see what Me, Inc. means for you. Remember, some people are better at visualization than others, so keep at it. After the exercise, take out your curriculum vitae again and look at it in the context of your visualization. Is your image of your future self in sync with what you described as your best working day? If not, why not? Rewrite your description to fit your new vision of your future.


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