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The Shipping Elves, Part Two
Let's say you're sending video games, books and more that you purchased in Pittsburgh to your nephews in San Jose. The price to ship a 30-pound package via standard post will cost $35.99 and will take seven business days to arrive.

The solution: If you ship using a Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box, you'll pay $17.90 (you'll save an extra $2.10 if you buy the box online), and your nephews will be competing for top scores within two days. You can even arrange for the letter carrier to pick it up from your house for free. The USPS has been trying to spread the word about these Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes for the past few years—and when sending gifts of ample weight (i.e., not origami kits) and packages long-distance, they can save you time and money. You can use the Postal Price Calculator on the USPS website to find out what shipping option best fits your needs.
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