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The Party Clothes No One Sees
You wisely thought ahead and bought your dress during last year's postseason sale. But you forgot about the things that go underneath, like stockings and support garments, which could cost an extra $100. Manufacturers know that demand is high for these items during party season, so unfortunately, you probably won't see many deals.

The solution: For shapewear, check to see if the store carries Assets, the lower-priced brand by Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx (a pair of Assets shaping pantyhose will cost $9 to $18, versus $28 for a pair of Spanx at Nordstrom). Pavini also suggests asking retailers if they have any discounted styles left over from last year or brands in outdated packaging. (Make a note to stock up on winter stockings when you're out returning gifts in January, because that's when they tend to go on sale.)
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