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Earn Cash for Clutter
Your dusty ski jacket and 2010 iPad may evoke great memories, but ask yourself, "Does this item serve me today?" Will I use it within the next year? If yes, then it stays, says McCrory. But if the item has gone unused for longer than a year, it might be time to cash in. Luckily, these sites make resale a breeze:

1. Used iPhones: The site will send you a prepaid shipping label, inspect the gadget, and pay you for your device. At the end of last year, an iPhone 6s in good condition fetched an average of $245.

2. Other Ship GoPros, laptops, or wearable tech to NextWorth and get cash in return. Says CEO David Chen, "Even if a product is broken, it can see strong trade-in value."

3. Designer clothing: List high-fashion duds, and when you land a buyer, Tradesy will send a box and shipping label (and take a commission off the top).

4.Other clothing: The site sends a bag with a prepaid shipping label; fill it with good-condition clothing and accessories, then ship it back. ThredUp lists items for you, and you earn a percentage of the sale price.

Farnoosh Torabi is a personal finance expert, the author of When She Makes More, and the host of CNBC's Follow the Leader and the award-winning podcast So Money.

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