Rethink Your Laundry
Most American families of four spend nearly $4,000 per year on their wardrobe, and while some families can certainly cut back on their clothing budget, Jeff says you can also save a lot of money by changing the way you launder your clothes.

  • Get a clothesline. Dryers cost a lot to run, but a basic clothesline and some clothing pins are quite inexpensive, Jeff says. You'll not only save money on your gas or electric bill by using a clothesline, but you'll also prevent your clothes from shrinking and keep them looking and smelling fresh.
  • Only wash when necessary. Some clothes, like jeans or sweaters worn over long-sleeved shirts, don't have to be washed after each wear, Jeff says.
  • Use cold water. Jeff says cold water not only costs less to use, but it's also gentler on most fabrics.
  • Zip it up. If you don't zip up jeans and jackets before you wash and dry them, Jeff says you can cause costly snags and tears to your clothes.
Rent a room in your home.


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