As with any relationship you didn’t exactly choose (think siblings, cousins, neighbors), part of any job is learning how to deal with the boss you have instead of expending energy wishing for a different one. Antoine Gerschel, a management consultant with PeopleNRG, has come up with some go-to bad boss strategies. When you’re dealing with a bully of a boss, for example, remember what Gerschel says: "A-players want to work with A-players and if you prove yourself to be of that caliber—and you are assertive—you can thrive.”

No need to fume, fight, apologize, cringe or wait to be appreciated. Make his last piece of advice your new mantra: The Respect You Command Will Be Your Armor. And keep in mind that your boss has a boss too, and that there might even be some things she wishes she could tell you...but can’t.


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