Now that she's successfully tackled the online world, Lisa is turning her attention to helping others create an online presence. She offers the five tips for those just entering the job market.

Join LinkedIn

This "Facebook for business" social media tool connects you with your co-workers. Lisa says to take full advantage of the site's offerings.

"Enhance everything on there," she says. "Fill out your profile; get as many connections as you can. You really have to work LinkedIn."

Get on Facebook

Facebook has become the most widely used social media tool on the Internet. Lisa says it's a great way to connect with family and friends, but remember: Any information you put on Facebook is available to the masses. Pick and choose wisely.

Start a Blog

"Carve yourself a niche on that blog. That's going to work for you whether you're a school teacher, a nurse—no matter what your profession is," Lisa says. Try one of the many sites that offer free blogs.

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