The Center of Attention
When choosing the flowers for your centerpieces, Post says to always choose blooms that are in season. For a big display on a small budget, more greenery and fewer flowers will give you the look you want for less. 

Or, keep the display simple with a single statement-making flower. "I went to a wonderful wedding for a friend of mine who was from Hawaii. They did one beautiful, huge stargazer lily in the middle of each table," she says. "It was very fragrant, and there were about 20 tables, so 20 lilies are not incredibly expensive."

Recycle, Reuse
At a friend's recent wedding, Post says she was one of the last people to leave the church and noticed the bride's family taking the flower arrangements from the ceremony to be reused at the reception. "I love flowers and I hate the thought of them going to waste, so I thought this was a great idea."

Digital Don't
E-mail invitations are fine for shower or bachelorette parties, but weddings are a different story. "Even if you're having a really casual wedding, I think—call me old-fashioned—this is such a huge day in your life that you don't want to send the wrong message to your guests—that you don't take it seriously." We may live in an online world, but Post says the printed invitation will never die.


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