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Tim Chen, CEO, NerdWallet

My Wake-Up Call
When my sister asked me to help her find a new credit card, I thought it would be a fairly simple exercise; as a financial analyst, I objectively evaluated dollars and cents as a living. It took me nearly a week to research and compile a spreadsheet of about 400 cards—a fraction of what's available in the U.S.—in order to make an informed decision. I was shocked.

Most Americans will sign up for a credit card at some point in life. If it took me—literally a trained professional—a week to look at a sliver of what's available, how can any one person be expected to choose the right credit card for them? Or the right insurance policy? Or 401(k) plan? I realized the deck is completely stacked against consumers.

What You Can Learn
There is usually a "right" choice when it comes to personal finance, but signing up for a personal finance product because you got an offer in the mail isn't going to get you the best product for your needs.