How do I balance it all?

Try typing the word "balancing" into your word processor. Nothing unusual there. Now try typing the word "imbalancing." Your computer doesn't like that word, does it? You get those squiggly red lines underneath telling you that it's not really a word. You won't find it in the dictionary. Although we all know what it means to balance things intentionally, we don't really understand the idea of intentionally imbalancing anything. We all need to start working on our imbalancing acts.

First, stop chasing that elusive balance. It doesn't exist. Chasing it does not serve you. If anything, the pursuit of it is likely draining you. Think about the last time that you actually tried to physically balance on something. Didn't it take massive amounts of effort, focus and skill to achieve a moment of balance before you lost it again? Women who are leading happier more fulfilling lives actually focus on intentionally imbalancing their lives toward the activities that make them feel stronger, more engaged, fulfilled and alive. They seek the moments that they know fill them up and they engineer their lives to experience more of those moments. They do not kowtow to anyone else's vision for their lives. They choose confidently those experiences that will make them feel happier. They trust themselves. 

Many of us feel stress and get overwhelmed not because we're taking on too much, but because we're taking on too little of what really strengthens us. The more weakening activities you pile onto your plate, no matter how simple they may seem to tackle, the more you will find your energy and focus being flushed away. The best way to cure stress is to become more conscious of the moment-to-moment experiences of your daily life and begin to make different strengthening choices.

Search your moments. Whenever you consider taking on a new responsibility or commitment, investigate and be certain that there are opportunities for strengthening moments within it. If the commitment doesn't offer you the chance for such moments, DO NOT TAKE IT ON. Do not take it because you are worried about letting someone else down or concerned about not doing enough. You do enough. You ARE enough. Accept yourself. You are at your best when you're committed to activities that strengthen you. As you take more of these on, you'll find yourself more energetic, focused, clear and happy. Stop prioritizing your goals and start prioritizing your MOMENTS.


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