1. Do you often feel buyer's remorse?

  2. How often are you returning items? (Jean's take: Buying and returning can become its own kind of addiction...not to mention it's a huge time suck.)

  3. What are some strategies that have helped keep your shopping under control? (Jean's take: For years I couldn't resist a sale on clothes. I'd come home with bags full of items I'd never wear. Now, once a season I scour my closet to see what I need. A new brown suit? Sandals in a neutral color? I decide how much I'm willing to spend on each item. Then I go to the store and shop specifically for those items. As long as an item is in my price range, I can buy it, whether it's on sale or not. If it's not on my list, it doesn't go into the dressing room. Period.)

  4. What are some of your most meaningful shopping experiences—your wedding gown? First car? (Jean's take: I especially remember outfitting the nursery when my son and daughter were born. What could be more heartwarming? Shopping trips that have a story behind them are often worth more than any bargain buy.)

  5. Where do you think you'll have trouble cutting back shopping?

  6. Who can help you through those trouble spots?
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