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What do you need to do to find The Difference in your own life? Two things. First, you have to make the decision that this is a course you are going to embrace. You have to choose The Difference, just like you choose to exercise, eat healthier, quit smoking, read nightly to your kids. You choose The Difference; it does not choose you. The power is in your hands. 

And once you choose it, you need to do something. I recently had a long and inspiring conversation with Don Green, who, for the last decade, has run the Napoleon Hill Foundation. I asked him what separated Napoleon Hill';s fine work—most notably Think and Grow Rich—from latter-day works on the law of attraction. He told me that Napoleon Hill believed that first you had to see what you wanted; you had to envision the good things to believe you could actually accomplish them. If you were not able to even see them in your own mind, then you would project to the world an attitude of no confidence, desperation, failure—and failure would then be inevitable. But Napoleon Hill also believed, and this is what set him apart, that once you saw those good things, then you had to take specific actions to make them a part of your reality. 

I agree. 

The Difference is as much about doing as it is about believing. It's about making your own luck, not taking no for an answer, and paying attention to the things you're doing—both right and wrong—so that you can accomplish more with fewer sidesteps in the future. Believing alone won't make it happen. All the wishful thinking you can muster won't make it happen. Doing makes all the difference in the world.   

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