Photo: Kip Dawkins/Courtesy of Artisan Books

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Three Tables as a Cube Bookcase
Assemble two tables and have a third tabletop on hand for the base (we used three high-gloss white Lack tables). Use a drill (try a 1/4-inch bit) to make centered holes in the bottom of all eight legs, and insert a 2-inch wooden dowel into each hole (you can pick up eight extra dowels from the Ikea spare parts area or at a craft store). Use the same drill bit to make matching holes in your spare tabletop and in the top of one of the constructed tables (our trick was to drill up through the existing holes Ikea made for the legs to be sure they were perfectly placed). Stack your tables, lining up your dowels with the holes in the tabletops for a secure fit. (Three tables and dowels = less than $45.)