Do It Yourself
"When we opened, we used our savings and did all the renovation work ourselves—stripping the floors, sanding them, plastering and painting."
—Miko Branch, Co-Founder, Miss Jessie's Salon
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Be Prepared for the Unexpected
"A good thing to remember is that once you open your door to the public, you never know who's going to walk through. I've had people bring in shopping bags of every shape and size imaginable, overflowing with pictures. At first I panicked, but now those are my favorite projects. They let me puzzle the pieces of someone's life together."
—Anne Goldenthal, Owner, Album Arts

Don't Quit Your Day Job
"It was pretty obvious that I would have to find a way to support my music habit. So I went to work as an assistant at a Wall Street investment bank and wound up as a VP and business manager of corporate research. I would do the radio show on Saturdays and tuck whatever gigs I had as a musician into whatever time was left."
—Laura Cantrell, Musician
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Ask Around
"I put ads in the paper, went online, and went to decorators, but I had no luck. One day I went to a fabric store and asked the owner if she knew anyone. She did, and now that person is our lead seamstress."
—Nan Barbera, Founder, Prince & Company, a luxury bassinet maker

Educate Yourself
"To get the full picture of how to run a retail business, I applied to the Gap's retail management training program. Essentially, the company paid me to learn design, marketing (which is how to get publicity for your products), planning (meaning, have enough money on hand to pay the bills), and production (how to buy zippers from one factory and buttons from another and ship them to a third where they make the garment)."
—Jordan Veatch-Goffi, Founder, Doce Vida Fitness
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