Calling a financial adviser

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After You Call Your Parents with Big News, Call Your Financial Adviser
Von Tobel recently spent a weekend with extended family, and one of her cousins was talking about her upcoming wedding. The CEO couldn't help but tell her cousin that she and her fiancĂ© needed to consult a financial expert. "For any major event you are going through in your life—having a baby, buying a home, selling a home, changing jobs, starting a small business—it is absolutely worth it to make sure you consult a financial expert," von Tobel says. Take buying a home, for example. You may have a lawyer to help you through all the mortgage legalese, but that person is not necessarily looking out for your big-picture financial interest. Spend the extra $300 to $500 to consult with a financial planner to make sure you aren't overborrowing, or making a tax mistake—like missing out on a cash-saving abatement you might be eligible for (the rules for receiving them are complicated and vary depending on where you live).