Head to Career Services
This is one of the most underutilized services on campuses. It's a shame because it's also one of the most helpful. Résumé writing services and career consulting normally cost a fortune, but the campus career services office will help you for free.

Having someone with experience look over your résumé, take you through a mock interview and connect you with alumni is invaluable. And it's not just for 2009 grads, Lindsey says. "Theoretically, you can go back forever," she says. "You may have to wait a little while because the priority is current students, but the vast majority of colleges will help alumni with their job searches." 

Thanks Very Much
"There's no secret playbook for a bad economy. You just have to work harder, be faster, make sure all of your documents are perfect. All of these little things add up to get you a job," Lindsey says.

That means being the person who gets the cards of recruiters at job fairs and follows up. If you get an interview or someone helps you get one, always send a thank you note. 

Frustrated but Flexible
I don't want to say settle, but it's better to take a job that will help you develop relevant experience. In a few years, the employment situation will likely be better. Volunteering also is also a great way to gain experience and contacts. Find opportunities at   

Seven tips for job searching during a recession

Bring the passion back into your day job.


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