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Traveling with Your Girlfriends

1. "Pick a hotel or cruise with a no-kids-under-18 policy. That can be particularly nice for moms who want to temporarily leave that part of their life behind," says Stacy Small, founder and CEO of Elite Travel International. "And go off the beaten path," says Danielle Thornton, cofounder of the women-only travel agency WHOA. "That's where you'll find your adventure."

2. Splitwise: This organizing tool lets you calculate everyone's fair share of meals, hotel stays, tickets, and more—so you can spend more time having fun and less time divvying up checks and expenses.

3. Plan a few things in advance. "Prebook any unique activities that require coordination," says Small. "If you want a private visit to the Vatican or surfing lessons in Maui, you should arrange that ahead of time." Check out the free app Viator to reserve spots on handpicked tours up to a year before your trip.

4. "I always bring a portable speaker and a really killer playlist," says Allison Fleece, Thornton's WHOA cofounder. "There's a lot of laughing and goofing around when a bunch of ladies get together, and impromptu dance parties have been known to break out."