Here, Kitty
If your tabby is trapped in a 150-foot tree, who you gonna call? Canopy Cat Rescue, that’s who. The Woodinville, Washington, nonprofit is run by brothers-in-law and arborists Shaun Sears and Tom Otto, who scale timbers within a 90-mile radius to save felines who’ve been stuck for days, sometimes even weeks. While similar services may cost up to several hundred dollars, Sears and Otto ask cat owners to donate only what they can.

Dog Gone
The Retrievers is a collective that partners with pet owners in the Twin Cities to sniff out missing pooches. The group offers guidance on everything from designing fliers to setting up feeding stations. And if a client is struggling to capture a skittish pup, a Retrievers volunteer will help set up a baited (with food, like a rotisserie chicken, or a scent, like fox urine) modular enclosure.

Pay It Forward
Don’t live in Washington or Minnesota? You can still save a pet in peril. Last year PetSmart Charities distributed more than $2.8 million in emergency relief funds to help organizations rescue animals displaced by natural disasters. Support the efforts by visiting or donating at a PetSmart register the next time you stock up on kitty litter or jerky chews.


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