Welcome! If you're here, you've probably finished the July 2018 issue of O Magazine, which featured a story on the Yale University course "Psychology and the Good Life"—the most popular class in the school's history. Through following some time-tested techniques (and yes, a bit of homework), the O Mag staff learned more about the science of well-being, uncovered ways to make ourselves more joyful, and decreased our stress.

You can participate—for free—by signing up at this Coursera link. Note: Though the O team did an abbreviated version of the class, you'll have access to the full 10-week course.

During the class, you'll learn about tapping into your "signature strengths," beef up your kindness levels, and devote some much-needed time to sleep. You'll complete homework in the form of "rewirements"—practices aimed at rewiring your habits. You'll also have access to a series of mind-expanding online lectures, identical to those given to the Yale students who enrolled. To get even more out of the experience, head to the App Store to download ReWi, an optional tool to help track your progress.

Ready to get happy? You're only a mouse-click away.


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