For me, sharing a good meal has always been one of life's great pleasures. So I guess it's not surprising that when I think of all the cities I've spent time in, the first thing that comes to mind is the food I've eaten there.

Atlanta: crispy buttermilk fried chicken from Art's Place. Baltimore: the eight-ounce, full-on crab cakes at Pappas. New York City: the cheeseburger at ABC Kitchen. Just thinking about them all now makes me savor the flavors and feelings of deliciousness.

Back in the day, before counting points was a priority, I ate my way through New Orleans, Charleston and Savannah. All three top my list for extraordinary eating experiences.

Though I'm more accountable now for what I eat, I still save room for splurging. But as much as I love the thrill of discovering a fantastic new dish in some far-flung location, I know for sure: There's no better place than my own kitchen table for indulging in the yum of life!

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