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Princess Gardner, Roosevelt, New York
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 258
Goal: Weigh 140 to 150 pounds

Princess: I danced a lot when I was younger—jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, African—but I was limited because I didn't have enough stamina. At 10, I weighed 210 pounds, and my mom was really concerned. So we went to Body by Denise, a high-intensity group fitness class.

My first day, I struggled to keep up, but over time I moved to the front row. My mom was taking the class, too—she lost 160 pounds, and I lost 70. I was noticing all sorts of changes: I could breathe better, and I didn't need my asthma pump anymore. But when we moved from Queens to Long Island to live with my grandparents, my mom kept her weight off and I gained everything back. It's hard for me to resist sweets and processed food. My grandmother also makes tons of fried dishes for her huge Sunday dinners. Sometimes when I don't eat what she's made, I feel like I'm hurting her feelings.

I'm back at Body by Denise five days a week now. She gives clean-eating tips and weighs you at each class. Getting on that scale in front of "Auntie" Denise holds me accountable, and I know that's what's best for me.

Candice, Princess's Mom: I'm a nurse, and five years ago I was educating an overweight patient about hypertension and diabetes. At the time, I was close to 300 pounds, and I remember her smirking at me with a look that said, "You're telling me this?" It'd be like going to a hairdresser whose hair is a mess.

I carry so much guilt, since I introduced certain foods to Princess at a young age, and now she's addicted to them. Our conversations revolve around food: When she comes home from school, my first question is, "What did you eat today?" But she understands that this is a life-or-death issue: To weigh 260 pounds at any age puts so much strain on your joints, your heart.

This is a new beginning for Princess. I know there'll be progress, but it won't happen overnight. I have to allow her to make the right choices because she knows what she needs to do.

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My Mother, My Self
From top: Candice and Princess in their backyard, May 2014; at age 10

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Photo: Courtesy of Candice Griffin

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Photo: Courtesy of Candice Griffin