Are cat memes and banner ads dumbing down your digital headspace? Then follow (pun intended) the writers of the social media avant-garde to literature's cyberfrontier. We especially love the madcap tweets of pop culture nihilist Melissa Broder ("i saw the best minds of my generation and was like whatev") and poet pop star Rupi Kaur's elegant Instagrammed verse. Also scroll through the posts of venerated authors Joyce Carol Oates and Eileen Myles for their up-close-and-personal highbrow hot takes on current events, and check out Teju Cole's experimental Twitter story, "Hafiz." If that's not enough to replace the listicles clogging your feed, click on over to Patricia Lockwood's surreal Twitter series, "Sexts," which includes such poetic titillations as: "I am a living male turtleneck. You are an art teacher in winter. You put your whole head through me."


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