sjp and gayle king october 2016

Photo: Jake Rosenberg of the Coveteur

Girl's Night In
Gayle with Parker, who is also an executive producer on Divorce, in 2014.

Starting October 9, HBO will be keeping me up later than usual with its fall Sunday lineup. First up: Sarah Jessica Parker's new comedy, Divorce, in which she plays Frances, a suburban mom whose lackluster marriage starts to fall apart—or so she says—after her husband (Thomas Haden Church) grows a hideous moustache. But we find out Frances is actually a big cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. (No, not with Mr. Big.) I don't want to give too much away, but if you followed Carrie Bradshaw through Manhattan, it's safe to say you'll be following Frances through her new spin on "Till death do us part."

Additional photo credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO
issa rae insecure gayle october 2016

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Next, a newcomer whose name I won't forget: Issa Rae. In her TV debut, Insecure, she stars as an average 29-year-old (also named Issa) navigating life's ups (her friendship with bestie Molly) and downs (a boyfriend whose plans for her birthday include renting a movie from 7-Eleven). The show is real, raw, funny—everything but insecure.
gayle king lloyds carrot cake october 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Lloyd's Carrot Cake

Good to the Last Crumb
I never though I'd put a carrot cake on this page because they're usually too dry (and I like my carrots in juice). Then my producer at CBS came to work with one from Lloyd's Carrot Cake, and a small bite turned my "No thanks!" into "Lord have mercy, where is that from?" It was so great, I shared it with O staffers; one even compared it to her grandma's irresistible version. The New York City bakery is testing an online store it hopes to launch soon—but in the meantime, a scrumptious slice is worth the trip to one of its locations in Manhattan or the Bronx. (Cakes start at $11.50;
lick puppy book gayle king october 2016

Photo: Published by Knock Knock LLC 2016; TY Foster

Who's A Good Boy?
It's impossible to have a bad day when a dog is around. Exhibit A: Photographer Ty Foster's joyful book Lick Puppies, which features 80 pictures of adorable pups wagging their tongues. Writes Foster, "With this book, you are basically holding pure happiness in the palms of your hands." Couldn't have said it better myself.
gayle king onerepublic october 2016 oh my my

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Fun fact: When a plane ride gets bumpy, I play OneRepublic's lesser-known track "Waking Up." I calm down the instant I hear the shimmering strings that come exactly four minutes and one second into the song. (Yes, I fly a lot.) Now the band is releasing its fourth studio album, Oh My My, on October 7—with powerful songs like the title track that keep the melodic rock flavor OneRepublic is known for, plus a new pop sound (think Justin Bieber's latest hits) on tunes like "Wherever I Go." Wherever I go, Oh My My will be coming along for the ride, just in case the going gets rough.