Jennie Trayes

Portraits: Carmelo Donato, Photo Reportage: Sioux Nesi

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Her New Look
The Clothes: Because she spends a lot of time in athletic gear—"When I'm working around the boathouse, everything ends up getting dirty or wet," she says—Jennie favors bohemian dresses with pretty details when she's off duty. The frothy skirt of this Vera Wang gown pumped up the fairy-tale princess feel, while the dramatic neckline set off her sculpted shoulders and arms. Bold layered necklaces and a chunky bangle contrasted beautifully with the dress's dreamy vibe.

The Hair and Makeup: To showcase the deep V neckline of Jennie's gown, Ken, creator of the Ken Paves You Are Beautiful haircare line, decided on an updo. He curled sections of Jennie's hair with a curling iron, then gathered the hair, twisted it into a bun and pinned it loosely. Eyebrow designer Eliza Petrescu observed that Jennie had tweezed a bit too much between her brows, so she showed her how to fill them in with a taupe pencil. Sandy didn't want to detract from Jennie's brilliant blue eyes, so she just gave them a little definition with brown liner, golden shadow and black mascara.

Jennie's Reaction

"The people I work with wouldn't recognize me! Being the center of attention is really cool. I feel strong and feminine and fierce."

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Gown, Vera Wang. Earrings, Fallon. Necklaces (layered), Lulu Frost. Bracelets, Freida Rothman. Thin Bracelet, Gold Philosophy.