Rule One: Don't Play with Poison

One fine day a woman known to science as "S.M." suffered a stroke that left her unable to experience fear. She became irresistibly curious about things she'd once hated; for example, in pet stores she'd beeline past the puppies and go right for the snakes. She liked to play with their tongues. If you share this passion, okeydoke. Just make sure the snakes you play with are nonvenomous.

I mean this both literally and metaphorically. Because fear and fascination are so intermingled, many people who follow their thrill-seeking instincts end up unconsciously flirting with disaster. They snort drugs made of toilet cleanser, they break laws, they date people who have that "dangerous vibe." But toxicity isn't the way to feel more alive; it's a gamble that you'll become more dead.

Considering the fascinating fear you wrote down above, ask yourself: Is this desire destructive? Will it ruin life, health, or property? If so, scribble it out. And after reading the next rule, come up with something else.

Rule Two: Be Useful

A good way to find a fear that's both fascinating and nontoxic is to choose something that will make a positive impact on the world. Constructive and creative activities—whether taking medicine to war zones or fostering a child—can be downright terrifying.

So, would your fascinating fear have any positive effect? Would it enlighten you, or improve your life, or someone else's? Whether the answer is yes or no, see if you can amend your goal to make it a bit more heroic. Don't just bungee jump; bungee jump to raise money for AIDS research. Don't just do stand-up comedy; do stand-up comedy that teaches people something deep and true. Don't just invite that hottie to go out with you; invite that hottie to go out with you and help campaign for your favorite cause. Write your new-and-improved statement here:

I want _____________________________, but I'm afraid_________________________.

When people frame a scary fascination this way, their motivation usually increases and their fear feels comparatively smaller. Increase the positive effect of your scary action until you're aiming to do something really wonderful, and you'll feel your inclinations tip from avoidance to attraction. You're still scared to take the action, but you know it isn't toxic, and your moral compass says "Go!"

It's time to act.


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