Mean Girls

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It doesn't take a mean girl to turn Mean Girls into a Broadway musical. Tina Fey wrote the 2004 film's memorable screenplay, and now she's brought her comedic writing chops to the highly anticipated stage adaptation (previews begin March 12). Tina recently told me fans can expect to see the film's DNA infused with dancing and plenty of high notes. Even Regina George would agree that sounds pretty fetch.

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Tune In

More than a year after its season 1 finale, FX's acclaimed comedy Atlanta, about a down-on-his-luck musician trying to find his way, finally returns March 1. My first reaction: Yay! My second: Why the wait? According to Donald Glover (the show's Emmy-winning writer and star), it's because he was busy fulfilling a dream: acting in an upcoming Star Wars film. I can't be annoyed with him for that—but please, no delays before season 3!
Pair Eyewear

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I still cringe when I think about my first pair of glasses: turquoise cat-eye frames my mom bought without consulting me first. If only Pair Eyewear had been around when I was in the fourth grade. The children's eyewear company wants glasses to give kids confidence and has come up with a fun twist. The frames have a magnetized front, so you can attach different colors and patterns. Hey, if they're cool enough for Anna (left), my modeling partner and O managing editor Abby Greene's 10-year-old daughter, they're cool enough for me!

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Red Sparrow

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Meet Dominika Egorova, a Russian ballerina turned "sparrow," a.k.a. government spy. When an accident derails her career, Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence) transforms her mind and body into a weapon—and the line between loyal comrade and dangerous renegade starts to blur. While watching Red Sparrow, I kept wondering whose side she was really on. I bet that on March 2, film audiences everywhere will be doing the same.

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Rock Out

P!nk climbed the pop charts in 2001 as a 20-year-old with (what else?) hot pink hair, singing songs about starting the party. Now she's a 30-something mom of two singing about marital highs and lows. The Grammy winner takes her mature sound on the road this month with a new tour, Beautiful Trauma (named after her seventh album). I've never seen P!nk perform live—but when I catch her New York show, I hope she'll do some of her new aerial acrobatic moves while singing my current favorite, "Whatever You Want."