Boringly beige scratching posts, pink plastic balls filled with jingly bells—the world of cat accoutrements isn’t known for elegance. “The choice used to be between ugly stuff and gaudy stuff,” says Kate Benjamin, a self-described cat style expert who founded Hauspanther, an online magazine and store, in 2013. “Today, though, there are manufacturers thinking more about design and making some beautiful and innovative items.” We asked Benjamin for her favorites:

Looking Sharp “Everything from Modernist Cat has a midcentury aesthetic. This console (below) features a generous scratching surface, but is also useful as a spot for your keys or mail. The best part is, you can change the color of the front scratching pad to match your decor—it comes in five hues, from teal to tangerine.”

Photo: Courtesy of Modernist Cat

Hide and Peek “The tower from Wohnblock has hidden passageways your cat can crawl through to reach the top, so she doesn’t have to climb the shelves and destroy all your knickknacks in the process. Giving felines small places to explore can stimulate some of their natural hunter instincts.”

Pick of the Litter “Enclosed litter boxes should have plenty of room for a cat to turn around and stand up, and the one by Designer Pet Products definitely does. The top also lifts up, which makes the box easier to clean.”


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