Cats might be content to spend hours alone, but they still need to play. That's why Tara O'Mara and her husband, Jason, invented Shru, a rechargeable toy that rolls and wiggles on its own. When your cat traps Shru, it shakes and then stops moving to imitate real prey—giving your mighty homebound hunter the thrill of victory. ($98;

Photo: Nitey Leash

In 2010, Joseph Hassan's friend Betty and her dog, Comet, were almost hit by a car during a nighttime run. The close call inspired Hassan to create a tether that lights up from handle to collar: The battery-powered Nitey Leash uses an LED light that shines through a fiber-optic tube to make you and your pooch visible up to a quarter mile away. ($25;

Photo Sure Petcare

Uninvited felines kept slinking through Nick Hill's cat door and pestering his shorthair, Flipper. His solution: the Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Door Connect, which syncs with your cat's or dog's microchip to grant them (and only them) passage. It also has a curfew mode, so your Maltese can't sneak out past her bedtime. ($200;


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