what to do this summer

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18. Make Sorbet in a Bag

No freezer? No problem! This four-step DIY trick, from The Useful Book: 201 Life Skills They Used to Teach in Home Ec and Shop, is totally chill.

19. Bring the Ocean to You

If you can't spend all season at the shore, at least these companies can deliver a taste of it to your door.

Copps Island Oysters: The Bloom family has been harvesting Long Island Sound oysters since the 1940s. ($25 for 12; coppsislandoysters.com)

Louisiana Crawfish Company: A backyard boil couldn't get easier than this: live or fresh-boiled crawfish delivered with seasoning, bibs, and Mardi Gras beads. ($65 for five pounds; lacrawfish.com)

Bayshore Chowders & Bisques: Hot, rich, creamy soup in the middle of summer? Yes, please, if it's New England clam chowder made with fresh, hand-shucked Atlantic clams. ($30 for a half gallon; bayshorechowders.com)

20. Bottle Up Summer

Make the taste of summer last a little longer with a jar of preserved fruit. Get the recipe for pickled watermelon rinds here.