what to do this summer

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9. Win at the Cookout

No one does charred hot dogs and juicy hamburgers better than April Bloomfield, a James Beard Award–winning chef and co-owner of New York City's Salvation Burger. Here are her five tips for Grade A grilling.

10. Be a Cornhole Champion

Warning: While this surprisingly entertaining lawn game is pretty straightforward (you try to throw a bean bag through a hole), it can lead to intense backyard battles. Professional cornhole player Eric Hinerman, spokesman for the American Cornhole Organization (yes, it's a thing!), shares his secrets for winning:

Perfect your stroke. "Keep your elbow locked and your arm close to your body when you swing it forward," says Hinerman. "Release the bag at about eye level—most people make the mistake of shooting too low."

Don't chuck the bag. You want the bag to fly as flat as possible, so it lands—and stays—on the board instead of bouncing off.

Aim low. The rotation and momentum from your swing should be enough for the bag to slide the rest of the way and into the hole.