what to do this summer

Photo: Joyce Lee

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6. Rewind

Want to travel back in time? Dig up a photo that captures a treasured summer memory and make the trek to the exact spot where it was taken. When you get there, snap a new photo of you holding the old picture. You can memorialize the moment by submitting your image to DearPhotograph.com, an online album dedicated to precisely this kind of reminiscing.

7. Drive a Convertible... and feel the exhilarating rush when you step on the gas. But don't just put the top down during daytime—a night drive can make you feel even closer to nature. (Test-drive one for free at a dealership, or splurge at the car rental counter on your vacation.)

8. Take Yourself Out to a Ball Game

A minor league game, that is. The crowds are smaller, which means no fighting to park and no 30-minute wait for a $7 hot dog. And you might just catch some major league action—Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, and many more of the MLB's biggest names have done time in the minors while rehabbing an injury. Bonus: You can score seats behind home plate for as little as $10. Batter up!