what to do in the summer

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2. Borrow a Dog

Canine-commitment-phobes, rejoice: Even if you don't have the time (or the energy) to own a pet, you can still hang with a hound thanks to Rover.com, the largest network of dog-sitters nationwide. Sign up to pet-sit in your area for as long (or as short) as you'd like.

3. Kick Off Your Shoes

Get your pedi ready: A 2015 report in the Journal of Inflammation Research suggests that skin-to-earth contact might reduce inflammation throughout the body via increased exposure to antioxidants.

4. Give Old Denim New Life (Rainy Day-Approved!)

A crib sheet to cutoffs:

Choose the right pair: Don't cut skinny jeans—they're not going to stretch enough for a comfortable fit. Boyfriend jeans are better because they're a little baggy. Start long to keep from going too short on your first cut; extra length allows for cuffing. Cut from the outside in, keeping the back a smidge longer than the front for a more natural fit. Check your work: After cutting one leg, try on the jeans to assess length. Tweak if necessary. Cut other leg: Fold legs together and do the same cut to the other leg. Add a slit: When you're satisfied with your handiwork, cut a small slit along the outside seams, so your legs won't feel squished.

5. Sit by the Fire

Pinterest star Angela Burgin Logan explains how to light up an evening outdoors:
Illustration: Kate Francis, Brown Bird Design

  • Gather supplies from your local hardware store: You'll need a slate plate, ten to 13 rocks, gravel, and a small Sterno.
  • Place the rocks around the outer rim of the slate plate and fill the middle with the gravel, leaving a hole for the Sterno.
  • Light the Sterno, and voilà! S'mores, s'merrier.