Best Karaoke Routine
I always start with "Chain Gang" by Sam Cooke because he's my favorite artist and it's a tune everybody loves. Then I go into "Kissing a Fool" by George Michael. Not a lot of people know the words, but when enough alcohol has been served, that song brings the house down.

Best Guilty Pleasure
A double-dough pizza, half pepperoni, half Hawaiian. I live just outside Fort Lauderdale, and a place nearby takes two large pies and bakes them together. It's my cheat day meal—nothing's off-limits—so I go all out.

Best Getaway
Hawaii. I lived on the Big Island as a kid, and as soon as I get off the plane, I can feel the aloha spirit. The people are so warm and inviting, and between the ocean and the quiet, there's no better place to recharge and reset.

Best Advice
It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice. I heard that from a friend when I was about 15, and I've never forgotten it. No matter who you are, being kind is the easiest thing you can do.

Best Childhood Memory
When I was about 9, I started questioning whether Santa Claus was real, so my parents arranged for him to come to our house with the toys from my list. I was an only child, and my dad was a wrestler, so we moved around a lot, and it was important to them to keep some magic in my childhood. I appreciate it even more now that I'm a father myself.

Best Quick Dish
An amazing egg-white omelet. I don't really know how to cook, so the fact that I can whip one up is what makes it so amazing.


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