About five years ago I started volunteering with an animal group in New York called Anjellicle Cats Rescue. Two years in, we rescued a litter of strays. One of them was Bennie—he was super shy, slow to warm to strangers. I worried he might not get adopted because a lot of people only want a cat they can pick up and hug. But at our adoption event, I noticed a guy spending time with Bennie, petting him and really interacting with him. I was so happy when he decided to take Bennie home.

The guy's name was Shaun; he mentioned he had a blog about his life in New York, and that he'd post about Bennie. I started checking out the site. He'd write posts called "Moment of Ben" and put up these amazing pictures of Bennie with quizzical expressions on his face—he captured his personality so well. Bennie followed him everywhere; he would even lie on the top of the fridge while Shaun cooked.

From the way he wrote about Bennie, I could tell Shaun felt a deep bond with this cat. And that made him really attractive to me. So I started commenting on his pictures and posts, and soon we were emailing about random stuff: family, food, travel, careers. We set up a date, and everything just clicked. A year later, he moved in with me, and in September we got married. Bennie is no longer with us, and we really miss him, but we now have three rowdy rescues. After my years of volunteering, I know there's a person out there for every cat, and a cat for every person. It's the same with people—you just need to find that right match.


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