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9. Cliff jump like a king.


When:All year

Latitude: 20.9178°N Longitude: 156.6966°W

Follow in the footsteps of a legendary king by taking a leap of faith off Maui's famous Pu'u Keka'a ("Black Rock") into crystal clear waters. Splitting sundrenched Ka'anapali Beach, the imposing volcanic outcrop of Black Rock looms over the deep, blue Pacific.

The great King Kahekili, who ruled Maui from 1766 to 1793, was a big fan of cliff jumping at Black Rock and was celebrated by locals, who believed only a blessed person could jump off the rock unharmed. Partly as a result, the activity has become something of a national sport in Hawaii, and every evening a lone diver recreates the king's feats in a sunset ceremony.

Watch others launch themselves off the rock, or better still, take the leap yourself and plunge into the ocean below. Choose a spot where locals line up to leap for a less risky place to jump.
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