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6. Witness the magnificent Milky Way.


When: All year

Latitude: 34.8697°N Longitude: 111.7609°W

The magnificent milky way is best enjoyed in a place like Sedona. It's a stunning part of Arizona, anyway—drawing bikers, hikers, and climbers from all over the globe—but this area is really special after sundown, when all eyes turn upward. They're proud of their lack of light pollution here—it's one of just eight areas worldwide that has been honored by the International Dark-Sky Association, and from 4,600 ft (1,402 km), it is extremely romantic to gaze upon a shimmering sheet of stars here. You could also catch the celestial magic of a "blue moon"—the additional full moon that occasionally appears in an annual cycle. It is always a time of lunar celebration, but at any time of the cycle, a nighttime moon hike into places like Boynton Canyon will provide skies that astonish, often soundtracked by the eerie cry of a pack of coyotes.
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