Oprah Winfrey, Adam Glassman and Gayle King

Photos: Sioux Nesi

The "O" of O believes that with gift giving, presentation is everything. So when it's time for her to choose her Favorite Things, creative director Adam Glassman and team go all out to make an artful arrangement of the delicious morsels, ingenious gadgets, gorgeous beauty goodies, and unique clothing and accessories they found in a year of searching far and wide. Oprah then rolls up her sleeves to taste, try, and touch it all. "I look at each item and ask, Would I feel good giving that?" It's a labor of love that takes hours, patience, and a lot of Weight Watchers points.

Oprah and Adam talk wine as he puts the Rabbit Axis lever corkscrew to the test.

Oprah holding collection of truffle snacks

One thing's for sure: Oprah loves her truffles. Looks like she may take this haul of truffled snacks from Chelsea Market Baskets home for the holidays.

Rae Ann Herman with panettone

Contributing style editor Rae Ann Herman hand-delivers the sweet goodness of panettone bread to the set.

RapidX car chargers

A collection of car chargers, each of which can power up to five devices simultaneously.

Truffle burger grilling station

Grilled truffle burgers steal the show.

Oprah, Adam and Gayle try faux-fur scarves

Gayle, Oprah, and Adam snuggle up to plush faux-fur scarves from House of Fluff.


Éccolo journals offer inspiration to do the write thing.

Oprah and Adam inspect new jumpsuit from LA Relaxed

A cozy and cute jumpsuit that LA Relaxed designed with input from Oprah.

Oprah tries on a fedora from Travaux en Cours

Topping off the day with hats from Travaux en Cours.

Mini Bundt cakes

Let them eat cake—four flavors of moist Bundt cake, that is.

Travel pillows

Some pillow talk to make traveling extra comfy.

Popcorn taste-test station

A tasting of delectable kernels from Popinsanity.

Oprah and Adam taste-test truffle products

Oprah and Adam get giddy in the truffle corner.

Food stylist

Food stylist assistant Andrea Nguyen preps a jam session.

Food stylist serving lasagna

Food stylist Tyna Hoang serves up a lasagna trio.