You see this New York Times quote plastered all over every book jacket that shares her byline: "Nora Ephron can write about anything better than anybody else can write about anything." The late Nora Ephron, who passed at 71 in 2012, was funny, truthful, frank and unapologetic. From her essays in Esquire to her screenplays for Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally..., she made us laugh, love, and fall into a blubbering mess. So before you start poring over the most anticipated books of 2020, let's reflect on the work of a woman who wrote page after page telling it like it is. Below, we're recounting Nora Ephron's best books.

1. I Feel Bad About My Neck

In this 2006 book, Nora Ephron got candid about the harsh yet glorious truth that is aging. "Your neck is the thing saying, 'Don't kid yourself.' You can put spackle on your face, basically, but this is the thing that is saying, 'Uh-oh.'" In other words, the neck doesn't lie. And neither does Nora. She goes on to share other truths, too, about women and getting older. Shop Now

2. I Remember Nothing

I Remember Nothing is full of anecdotal gifts you will never forget. A singular voice, Ephron reflects on the early days of her career—memories of her time working as a mail girl at Newsweek and writing for Esquire—while taking every opportunity to get real about her life at the time she was penning this memoir, making sure to leave no "senior moment" unturned. Shop Now

3. Heartburn

Cookbook author Rachel Samstat just learned news that would make even the sweetest soufflé taste sour: Her husband's having an affair. Oh, did we mention she's seven months pregnant and the mistress is a swanlike beauty with legs for days? A comedy with a side of misery, this one's begging for the screen treatment. Which it received in 1986, starring cinema royalty Meryl Streep in the lead. Shop Now

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