Illustration: Penelope Dullughan

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4. Cinematic Pandemonium
If Alamo Drafthouse were a person, we would marry it. The movie theater chain has more than two dozen U.S. locations (with more on the way), where waiters ferry unexpectedly good food and extravagant milkshakes to each seat. But the major draw is the kooky programming: In addition to first-run flicks, Alamo shows long-forgotten gems (Rhinestone, The Legend of Billie Jean), offers custom scratch-and-sniff cards (the ones at Elf smelled of maple syrup and bubblegum), and hosts in-theater dance parties and quote-along screenings. At an Austin showing of Jaws held on a lake, viewers floated on inner tubes; during particularly tense moments, scuba-diving staffers grabbed unsuspecting ankles. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies... (