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18. O, Canada!
Journey abroad without crossing an ocean! A few incredible reasons to head north of the border:

The Magdalen Islands: A little piece of coastal France in the Gulf of St. Lawrence that French speakers call &‌Icirc;les de la Madeleine.

What you'll find: Quebecois who parle fran&‌ccedil;ais in a unique Acadian dialect, red cliffs and white sand beaches, fishing villages, sea kayaking and kitesurfing, artisan galleries, French-influenced local music, and all the cheese you can eat.

Saskatchewan prairies: A wide-open breathing space known as Land of the Living Skies for its ever-changing cloud formations and surreal sunsets.

What you'll find: the Big Muddy Badlands, a roughly 68-square-mile expanse of buttes, cliffs, and caves, which made convenient hiding places for Wild West outlaws who'd crossed the nearby Montana border; the town of Moose Jaw, where you can explore the subterranean hideouts of Al Capone; and Mountie photo ops at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre.

Great Bear Rainforest: One of the world's largest unspoiled temperate rainforests, stretching along the Pacific coast in British Columbia.

What you'll find: wildlife galore, including the rare white Kermode bear (a.k.a. spirit bear); whale watching; and salmon snorkeling, an experience that will spawn cocktail party conversation for years to come.