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14. Summer Camp for Grown-Ups!
Multiday getaways, minus the bug juice and lanyards.

Meat Camp

Every summer in Gazelle, California, Belcampo Meat Co. hosts a ladies retreat where instead of making vision boards, participants learn how to trim pork loin and sear it on a volcanically hot grill. Get back to your cavewoman roots while receiving an education in butchery and open-flame cooking.

Broadway Fantasy Camp

You know every word Andrew Lloyd Webber ever wrote. You've attempted the choreo from West Side Story's "America" (obviously the show's best number) at least 35 times. Now indulge your inner drama geek with courses in tap, singing, costuming, and all that jazz.

Crow Canyon Archaeology RESEARCH Program

Some teenagers fantasized about getting with Indiana Jones; you fantasized about being him. At this week-long camp, you work alongside real-deal archaeologists excavating Ancestral Puebloan ruins in Cortez, Colorado. BYO fedora and whip.