Illustration: Penelope Dullughan

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12. Tasting the Rainbow
Come Memorial Day, it seems like women are legally obligated to throw on pastel capri pants and bust out a bottle of rosé. Pedal pushers are between you and your god, but you can declare your freedom from tipple tyranny with a multicolored assortment of flavors. Try an orange wine, which gets its tint from the seeds and skins of white grapes; tart and fresh, it's a true beer lover's varietal (we like Tank Garage Winery's Lost at Last). A Portuguese "green," like the Casa do Capit&‌atilde;o-Mor Alvarinho from winery Quinta de Pa&‌ccedil;os, is as refreshing as lemonade but a little more rambunctious. And Madeline Puckette, sommelier and content director of, says you shouldn't neglect reds: A Lambrusco or Zweigelt—served chilled—deserves a spot at your picnic.