The Elegant Floating Knife Holder Every Kitchen Needs

Add rustic charm to your kitchen with this floating knife rack made out of reclaimed wood.


  • Knife set
  • Reclaimed wood, approx. 9" x 18" x 1"
  • Approx. 100 3/4" round heavy duty magnets
  • Drill with 3/4" Forstner bit and Phillips head bit
  • Super glue gel
  • Painters tape
  • Safety glasses, two pairs
  • 4 hanging hooks
  • 3/4" wood screws


    *Holes for the magnets will be drilled in the back of the reclaimed wood leaving the front untouched but magnetic.

    Preparing The Wood
    Decide which side of the wood you like the look of and place that side face down on the work surface.

    To determine how deep to drill int o t he wood, a piece of painters tape will be wrapped around the Forstner bit at the correct depth. Hold the Forstner bit up to the side edge of the wood, just above the work surface. Wrap a piece of painters tape around the Forstner bit flush with the wood surface.

    Put on safety glasses. Using a drill with the tape-marked 3/4" Forstner bit , drill a hole through the back of the wood, making sure not to go deeper than the tape line on the bit.

    Tip: If the wood has sloping sides and is narrower on the front than the back, only drill through parts of wood with 1" thickness.

    Continue drilling holes in close together rows through the wood until the back is covered.

    Tip: There may be more holes than are needed for the magnet s but making extra holes will give you options for magnet placement.

    Adding Magnets
    Three magnets will be needed per hole to ensure they are strong enough to hold the knives through the wood. Stack the magnets into groups of three. Add 2 or 3 drops of super glue gel into one of the holes. Drop a stack of three magnets into the hole. The top magnet should be flush with top of the wood. If it is not flush, remove the magnets and drill the hole slightly deeper.

    Continue adding magnets to the holes. To determine which holes are best to place the magnets, test with a knife on the front as you go. If the knife isn't holding, add some more magnets in that section.

    Adding Hanging Hooks
    Place two hanging hooks on the back of the wood at the top and in between the magnet hole.

    Secure the hanging hooks in place using a drill with a Phillips head bit and two 1/2" wood screws per hook.

    Hang the rack on the wall and place your knives along the rack.
  • Published 01/13/2017
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