DIY Wall Art You Can Make for Less Than $50

Home Made Simple interior design expert Kim Myles gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to spice up any bare wall with a DIY Jackson Pollock-inspired drip wall art project. This straightforward, fun concept is so easy it only requires four items: acrylic paint, turkey basters, water and a canvas. Having already painted the canvases black and left them to dry earlier, Kim shows how to water down the acrylic paint to get the perfect consistency for it to drip with ease, but still have some texture when dry. The acrylic paint is the ideal choice as it is easier to thin and dries faster than other paints, like oil. Using the turkey basters and two colors of paint per canvas, Kim and Korina drag the basters along the top edge of the canvas letting the paint freely drip down to the floor to create effortless, eye-catching abstract art. The different colors mix together, forming unique designs as they slide down the canvas. Once it's done drying, it's ready to hang on the walls—it's that simple. This project is the perfect way to bring any space alive.

Kim Myles is an emmy winning decor/lifestyle expert and the owner of Kim Myles Design, a company dedicated to providing design-driven media services as well as easy-to-use decorating tools to the marketplace. Originally from California, she's also behind the bestselling 'Global Glam' Stencil Collection, inspired by world cultures and traditions. The collection includes wallpaper-scale as well as furniture sized stencils.

In addition to Home Made Simple, Kim has been on the shows Myles of Style and HGTV'd. She has also been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, InStyle and People. For more design inspiration and easy DIY projects to try in your home, visit, or follow her on Pinterest.
Published 07/12/2016
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