Make Your Own Accent Pillows

Home Made Simple host and designer Jeremiah Brent helps homeowner Daniella create stunning and easy decal DIY accent pillows. These quick-and-easy, personalized pillows are perfect for any bedroom or couch to instantly add some color and life to any room. Before starting, Jeremiah bought transfer paper from the craft store and printed out some fun images he found online for the pillows. To begin the project, Jeremiah and Daniella cut out the chosen decal images with the transfer paper. After, they place them face down on the pillow covers where they want the design. Using an iron, they apply heat in a circular motion for approximately 20-30 seconds. Next, they peel the transfer paper back off the decal to reveal the design on the pillow covers-- it’s that simple. Stuff the pillows back into their covers and place them on the bed or couch. This low-cost project will give any bedroom or living space and instant makeover.

Jeremiah Brent is a self-taught designer and furniture builder. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passionate career. He started his own interior and furniture design business, working with many celebrity and private clients. Looking to incorporate more high fashion into his designs, he started his second firm, Jeremiah Brent Design, a full service interior design firm with locations in Los Angeles and New York City. Becoming a father recently has further inspired his designs and allowed him to recognize even more that connecting the need for function can still be beautiful. Jeremiah began hosting Home Made Simple in its fifth season, consistently coming up with creative and innovative ways to freshen up spaces and create unique, easy pieces perfect for any home.

For more design ideas and news from Jeremiah Brent, visit You can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter @JeremiahBrent.
Published 08/19/2016
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