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Formal Dresses
Wedding Gowns
Why leave your gorgeous dress to languish in the attic, only for your daughter to eventually decide it's not really her style? Through Brides Across America, your gown can make a military bride's big day. You can also donate your gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer, a program that sells new and used dresses to help fund the wishes of metastatic breast cancer patients hoping to share memorable experiences with loved ones.

Bridesmaid Dresses & Prom Dresses
Get rid of unwanted tulle at, which distributes prom, Sweet 16, and quinceañera frocks to girls who can't afford them.

Cocktail Attire
Send it to Housing Works which sells high-end secondhand apparel at thrift stores throughout New York City to provide housing, job training, medical treatment and more to homeless and low-income people living with HIV and AIDS.