Former cat burglar Walter Shaw knows all the weak spots burglars look for when targeting your house. Use his expertise to keep criminals from breaking into your home.

Make Your Home Safer
  • Motion detector lights are better than static lights. Regularly check to make sure that the light bulbs aren't burned out or broken.
  • Trim bushes to waist level.
  • Don't advertise the type of security system you use. A thief will find out how to disable it.
  • Arm your alarm, even when you are at home.
  • Exposed phone lines should be buried. A thief can cut through them to circumvent your alarm.
  • Lock your gates and fences. Metal gates and fences are best because the noise that they make when opened is a deterrent.
  • Small barking dogs (like Chihuahuas and Poodles) are a better deterrent than large dogs.
  • The best types of doors are metal or solid wood with multiple deadbolts and hinges that are recessed into the doorframe. Be sure to include the doorframe in the alarm system.
  • If you have glass sliding doors or French doors, arm each pane of glass. Add deadbolts to the top and bottom of the doors, making sure you use double-sided key locks for each deadbolt.
  • Former police officer and safety expert Bob Stuber advises: Never leave your garage door opener in an unlocked car in your driveway. With it, a thief can gain access to your home or copy your code and break into your garage at any time.
  • Never leave ladders, unchained patio furniture or garbage cans in your yard. A burglar will use them to gain entry into your home.


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