wedding bouquet green and lavendar

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Lavender and White
Season: early summer

“Summer afternoon; to me they have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language,” wrote Henry James. This bouquet is as soft as a summer’s day: a simple arrangement of pale lavender and white highlighted with summer greenery, all of which might be harvested from a backyard garden. What captures the heart is the corona of pale greenery around the small bouquet. The subtly striped ribbon, in pale lilac and white, echoes the floral tones.

What You'll Need:
- Rubber bands
- Floral tape
- 2 yards lilac-and-white striped ribbon, 2 inches wide
- Straight corsage pins
- Stapler and staples
- 8 ferns
- 8 myrtle stems
- 12 pittosporum stems
- 6 lavender clematis stems
- 6 white clematis stems
- 12 white pincushion flowers
- 15 white sweet pea stems
- 4 sweet autumn clematis stems

ALTERNATE FLOWERS Replace the pincushion flowers with white roses or dahlias, the clematis with lavender and white sweet peas, and the greens with boxwood and Solomon’s seal.

1. Begin by assembling the ferns, myrtle, and pittosporum as the base of the bouquet.

2. Layer in the longer clematis stems, both blue and white. Trim some of the clematis to shorter lengths, and alternate these with the pincushion flowers and sweet peas, making sure that the some of the sweet peas stand out from the bouquet like wisps. Add the stems of sweet autumn clematis to the greenery.

3. Fasten the bouquet with rubber bands. Finish the bouquet with floral tape, ribbon, and a bow as instructed in sidebar.

4. Finish the bouquet with floral tape, ribbon, and a bow as instructed on slide 3.