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Put Out a Fire
Water or a fire extinguisher should be your first go-to in case of fire, but if you're in a bind reach for a box of baking soda.

Try it (if you have to): If you don't have a fire extinguisher and can't get access to water (or if you have a small grease fire, which you should never throw water on) dump as much baking soda as you can on the flames.

Why it works: "When baking soda is heated, it decomposes and releases carbon dioxide gas. That is the same gas in CO2 fire extinguishers," says Vinokur.

Keep in mind: "While throwing baking soda on a fire can put it out, you will need a whole box to put out a tiny stovetop fire," Vinokur says. "This should really be your last-ditch effort, not your first."